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Black Bear Wilderness Adventures provides reliable Transportation Service, fun Day Trips and exciting Wilderness Tours. We rent remote Wilderness Cabins and invite you to your personal Aurora Viewing Experience. Have a look at our Publications of recent wilderness adventures. This month’s Special Feature: Celebrate the Return of Spring on the Wings of the Swans.

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Transportation Service throughout the Yukon


Our transportation service, for the individual traveller or any group size, delivers professional, safe and comfortable shuttles. We take pride in extraordinary customer service and on-time attitude. With extensive knowledge in Yukon history, local culture, wildlife and fauna, we will make your drive an informative start of your adventure or a memorable finish to the excursion.

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Sightseeing in Whitehorse Area

Trips & Tours

From sightseeing around Whitehorse to bush camping and flying over the back country, from wildlife viewing to relaxing in mineral hot springs. Our long time guiding experience will guarantee safety, excitement and information.

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Cabin Rentals

Home away from home! Our wilderness cabins are all log style and traditionally built inspiring a back to nature approach. You heat with wood, you haul your water and cook on a simple stove. Set in most refreshing back country locations they instil peace and relaxation. Open your soul to the invigorating stimuli of nature and wilderness surrounding you.

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Special April Feature

Celebration of Swans. Join us at Swan Haven to celebrate the return of spring on the wings of the swans with lectures, swan viewing, native story telling, slideshows and wildlife work shops.

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Mission & Pledge

  • To show and share interpretation of all that makes the Yukon so special.
  • Enable guests from all over the world to visit the Yukon and leave with a full sense of the True North.
  • Complete satisfaction of each client’s expectations, while maintaining a healthy balance between tourism and environmental sensitivity.

Elisabeth Weigand, the owner, published two books about the Yukon, working on a third. These volumes feature autobiographical narrations of her adventures in Canada, her “Promised Land”.

Yukon River Expedition describes the 2000 miles and long journey down the Majestic Yukon River. For nearly 2 month she and her partner paddled a canoe through the Yukon and right across Alaska from the origin of the Yukon River to the Bering Sea. Exhausting and inspiring experiences with wildlife and nature’s forces are paired with amazing encounters meeting the people of the land.

Seven Month of White Solitude narrates the stories of a long winter in a self built cabin set back in the Coast Mountains, B.C. Together with her partner she experienced a kaleidoscope of emotions and passions, failings and accomplishments, melancholy and bliss.

Licence to happiness will be the attempt to describe the rapture of her immigration to Canada. Woven together with getting, training and enjoying her first horse, we learn about hope, determination, love, trust and unbound happiness.

Elisabeth  Weigand (Owner)

Born and raised in Germany I was searching the land and seas for a purpose to be. I traveled through Europe, sailed the Mediterranean Sea and trekked up the Himalaya. I crossed desserts in the Middle East and journeyed to the Chinese Continent, but not sooner did I find my “Promised Land” until I discovered Canada.

I had arrived. The search was over. Immigrated in 1993 and never regretted it ever since.

Read up in more detailed about Elisabeth here ..

Black Bear Wilderness Adventures’ expertise is based on twenty years of experience in the Tourism Industry. We combine knowledge of owning a wilderness tour operation with lodge management, bush guiding, outdoor equipment rentals & sales, Yukon-wide expediting and back country living.

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